Hen’s, Buck’s, Adults Birthdays and Corporate Parties

So many events and venues only cater to big groups. Well stuff that! Sometimes you don’t have 50 people to fill a room, nor the desire to find those kinds of numbers. We host small group cooking parties that are perfect for small businesses or intimate groups of friends.

Start your evening (or morning…) with a cooking masterclass or a Ready Steady Cook style cook-off, hosted by Whipped Up. We promise you two hours of delicious fun and the best part is that we do all the cleaning up at the end!

Choose from pasta, dumplings, tacos (with from-scratch tortillas), croquembouche or make a request (we can probably fulfill it!) and we’ll bring all the ingredients and specialist equipment to create the tastiest Hens or Bucks you’ve ever attended! We can even start the class with a couple of fun cocktail recipes on request.

Classes start at $45pp for home or workplace classes. We also have a list of trusted venues across Melbourne that we can hire for an extra fee per person. Let us know when you book which you’d prefer.

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