Teen & Adult Cooking Classes

How does a cooking class with Whipped Up work?

When you book a class with Whipped Up, we ask you a few questions about what equipment you have in your kitchen, what kind of skills you’re hoping to acquire, your favourite foods and also any allergies or food intolerances you might have. Based on this, we design a few recipes, hit the shops for ingredients and then spend two hours with you whipping up some delicious, no fuss food using equipment you already own!

Why do you host classes in our home, instead of at a school?

There’s a few reasons for this. Firstly, it helps keep costs down: cooking classes at cooking schools are expensive because of rent, equipment and other basic business overheads, like electricity and gas. Secondly, we believe that people who learn to cook a recipe in an environment they’re familiar with, using equipment that belongs to them, helps them better retain the skills and information they learn. Finally, we are able to customise our recipes to you. After all, what’s the point in learning how to cook food you don’t love, using equipment you might not have at home?

How many people can come to a class?

Our prices include two people and we charge an extra $50 for any extra people. While you ultimately choose how many friends you’d like to invite to join us, we recommend capping it at four people. This is so that everyone feels involved and gets the most out of it.

What’s included in each class?

We provide all ingredients (minus salt, pepper and oil – we assume most houses have these items), copies of the recipes we create together and, depending on what equipment you have in your home, we may bring a few extra basic tools to help the process along (we almost always bring our favourite silicone spatulas and our chefs knives). Should you wish to purchase any of these tools, we can make suggestions on where to buy them.

Can I give a class as a gift?

Absolutely! We encourage gift giving. Contact us about gift vouchers via our Contact Us page.