Founder & CEO
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Georgia is a classically trained pastry chef who believes that preparing delicious food should be for everyone, regardless of skills, time or budget.

Georgia started Whipped Up when she realised two things: she had taught half of her friends to cook, for free… and the other half constantly whinge that it’s just too hard and who needs to cook when delivery exists? Frustrated by this idea that cooking is ‘too hard’ and that takeout is ‘easier’, Georgia set out to change people’s minds on how simple delicious food can be. After all, that burger you order at the pub every Friday night is only a small handful of ingredients and maybe 20 minutes work. Plus it’s a lot cheaper and healthier to DIY.

So delete your UberEats app (no wait, don’t… you’ll definitely need it when you get sick) and get on board with a no-bullshit approach to adulting. Whipped Up wants you to learn how to cook what you like to eat, not what others are telling you to eat. Book a class today.