Oh boy how the time does fly…

When I started Whipped Up, I told myself I’d commit a year to this little idea of mine. One year, and if it didn’t take off, I’d retrain as a teacher and teach either home economics or history (my two great loves).

I hoped like anything that it would grow enough to support me in paying my rent and maybe pay for a holiday or two each year, but I never expected to end up with a team of five (soon to be six!) of amazing, dedicated and talented human beings who I am lucky enough to call my employees who venture all over south and eastern Melbourne helping improve the cooking skills, health and overall confidence of our beloved clients.

Every time we get to a point where I need to hire yet another employee, I get so overwhelmed, both in the sense of “oh god the paperwork!” but also in gratitude for how much people continue to love and support my little business idea that I concocted during my breaks at a daycare kitchen and over glasses of rose at the pub.

I’m sure not everyone celebrates their business’ birthday every year… I’m pretty sure my dad couldn’t tell you which month he registered his business in twenty years ago. But I think this is a tradition I’d like to continue.

Happy Birthday Whipped Up!

Love your CEO, Georgia