Let's get cooking!

Adult and kids NDIS and MyAgedCare cooking classes. Private bookings for birthday parties, hens nights and other events also available.

About Us

Whipped Up hands-on cooking classes are interactive, playful and designed to get you excited about cooking and perhaps expanding your palate a little!

We are proudly disability-owned and -operated and are able to take on both NDIS and MyAgedCare clients.

While our focus remains on the NDIS and MyAgedCare, we still offer private bookings for both adults and children on demand.

Our team service all of metro Melbourne.

Cooking Classes

We offer cooking classes and meal preparation assistance for anyone and everyone within the Melbourne area & Geelong.

Adults Cooking Parties

We host small group cooking parties that are perfect for corporate events or just an intimate groups of friends.

Childrens Cooking Parties

Let us spend the day with your children, cooking and creating in the kitchen while you take a well deserved break.

MyAgedCare Cooking Classes

More details about this service are coming soon.

NDIS Cooking Classes

To help build your confidence in the kitchen, we offer one-on-one cooking classes for individuals receiving NDIS.


“Whipped Up have a team of great cooks able to accomodate my low carb diet requirements with variety, textures and flavours. They are also great NDIS support, providing good company, friendly conversation and real connection. I highly recommend Whipped Up.”

– James H.

“I’ve been cooking with Georgia twice a week for over three years and I love the meals we cook together! We have great fun and they have been such a great help to me and my family, supporting me in the kitchen and beyond.”

– Sandra N.

Whipped Up has changed my life and I couldnt be more grateful.
My relationship with food has changed for the better and I’m finding myself cooking in the kitchen independently, a big shift from just constantly grazing and eating ready made dishes full of preservatives.
This wouldnt have been possible without Atilla and his endless amount of patience and empathy.

– Adam M.

I have been enjoying delicious meals with Whipped Up for the last year. I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. I have been learning some great recipes in the kitchen and enjoying trying new foods. It is also so fantastic to have bulk meals prepared for the week to help reduce the hassle of what to prepare each night. The team at Whipped Up is absolutely amazing, so friendly and accommodating making the whole experience fantastic. Highly recommend their services.
– Rebecca T.

Atilla fills our fridge every Friday with the most delicious meals that the fussiest boys in the world even eat. It isn’t just the healthy, homemade food that makes life in our house possible, it’s the care, understanding and simplicity with which it happens. We couldn’t do life without Attila! Thank you so much for looking after our ever chaotic and complicated household.

– Petra C.

I’ve been working with Brooke for well over 12 months now and have had quite a delightful experience with her. Brooke’s professionalism and broad range of meal ideas, skills and confidence shines through every week. I have learnt so much in our time working together about food prep, cooking and has helped expand my skills in the kitchen. My experience with Brooke is a positive and influential one that has given me much more variety, general food health and preparation. 

– Bonnie T.

I really enjoy Julia coming to teach me how to cook. I always look forward to our cooking session. The two hours go by so quickly, I just wish our session could last much longer!  While she is here we talk and work at the same time. It is like therapy for me and my mum. Julia is more than a cooking instructor to us. She has been coming for nearly 8 months, we are now like friends.   We really appreciate Julia’s efforts. Thanks to Whipped Up for providing such a meaningful and great service to NDIS participants.

– Sunny S.

Whipped Up has been cooking with me for almost two years and they are absolutely fantastic! I’ve been introduced to so many new flavours and foods that I wouldn’t otherwise have experienced and they are always mindful of my many allergies (eggs, dairy, nuts, seafood and sesame), and has always been very flexible and happy to work around my hectic schedule.

– Julian K.

Julia is an extremely supportive worker, who cooks delicious fresh meals with me every week. I am FODMAP sensitive, my partner is autistic and has cancer, and we are both diabetic. Julia goes above and beyond to ensure we have nutritious food that both of us can enjoy, with some treats in the rotation too. We love having Julia in our team, and would be quite lost without her.

– Jacqui C.

How does a cooking class with Whipped Up work?

When you book a class with Whipped Up, we ask you a few questions about what equipment you have in your kitchen, what kind of skills you’re hoping to acquire, your favourite foods and also any allergies or food intolerances you might have. If you’re an NDIS or MyAgedCare participant, we will also ask about your disability and any limitations you may have in the kitchen, it’s up to you how much you disclose to us, but the more we know, the easier it is for us to design our sessions to suit you!

Based on the above information, we design a recipe plan in advance so you can enjoy your full two hours with us whipping up some delicious, no fuss food using equipment you already own!

Why do you host classes in our home, instead of at a school?

There’s a few reasons for this. Firstly, it helps keep costs down: cooking classes at cooking schools are expensive because of rent, equipment and other basic business overheads, like electricity and gas.

Secondly, we believe that people who learn to cook a recipe in an environment they’re familiar with, using equipment that belongs to them, helps them better retain the skills and information they learn.

Finally, we are able to customise our recipes to you. After all, what’s the point in learning how to cook food you don’t love, using equipment you might not have at home?

How many people can come to a class?

Our prices include two people and we charge extra for bonus attendees. While you ultimately choose how many friends you’d like to invite to join us, we recommend capping it at four people. This is so that everyone feels involved and gets the most out of it.

Who pays for groceries/ingredients?

For NDIS and MyAgedCare participants, we are unable to cover the costs of groceries due to funding rules and regulations. Some participants attend the supermarket and shop with us, others have us collect the groceries on the way, but most prefer to do their own shopping so they can control their budget. We will discuss these options with you to decide what suits your needs best.

We include the cost of ingredients in all of our children’s birthday party bookings, however we add it as an extra cost to our adult bookings, to help keep costs as low as possible, as well as remaining transparent about what you’re spending your money on. We check in on what your pantry looks like to ensure we don’t double up on items you may have in plentiful supply at home.

Can I give a class as a gift?

Absolutely! We encourage gift giving. Contact us about our gift vouchers.

Recipes & More

Charred corn salad

Charred corn salad

As the weather gets warmer and the corn gets sweeter, is there a better time than right now to pull out this recipe? Delicious on it's own, but even better when served on the side of a Middle Eastern spiced chicken or lamb and veggie kebabs, this corn salad is so...

Whipped Up turns four! Plus some other big news…

Whipped Up turns four! Plus some other big news…

I can't believe we've reached our fourth birthday. Some days I feel like I've been doing this forever, other days I feel like I am still so new to the game - but regardless, I bloody love this business and I love the team I've built - they're pretty special! I decided...

Why you should host a cooking class Christmas party

Why you should host a cooking class Christmas party

As we close in on Christmas Party season, many small businesses struggle with coming up with a Christmas party idea that isn’t just ‘taking everyone to lunch or dinner’. Parties are usually off the table, due to the small number of employees and often small businesses...

Whipped Up’s first personal development day!

Whipped Up’s first personal development day!

Working at Whipped Up is pretty fun, if you don't mind me tooting my own horn about the little business I created. But by nature of the business, the team don't get to see eachother face to face very often, which sucks because we actually enjoy eachothers company...

Whipped Up turns three!

Whipped Up turns three!

After last years planned second birthday festivities were rudely interrupted by covid lockdowns, we were all looking forward to celebrating the third birthday of this nutty little business, which had doubled in size since that locked-down second birthday. (Yes we were...

Whipped Up are coming to Geelong!

Whipped Up are coming to Geelong!

That's right, in very exciting news, we are expanding our little business to that cute little city on the bay, just west of Melbourne. We are so excited to bring our at home, cooking classes to Geelong NDIS participants! We will be commencing in early March, offering...

How to Bake the Perfect Pavlova

How to Bake the Perfect Pavlova

Ah pav… the most important part of any classic Aussie Christmas day menu! There is a never ending culture war over whether we own it or it rightfully belongs to New Zealand, but I say at this point we let it go and just acknowledge that the pav is a quintissential...

Whipped Up turns two!

Whipped Up turns two!

Oh boy how the time does fly... When I started Whipped Up, I told myself I'd commit a year to this little idea of mine. One year, and if it didn't take off, I'd retrain as a teacher and teach either home economics or history (my two great loves). I hoped like anything...

Chorizo & Bean Quesadillas

Chorizo & Bean Quesadillas

Feeding your friends when they come round for movie night no longer has to involve an expensive amount of take out. Because honestly, who truly has the budget for that anymore? Especially in this economic climate! But you also don’t want to spend ages putting...

Let's get cooking!

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question about classes, individual supports, in-home care, or upcoming events our team are ready and happy to answer all your questions.